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R. Kelly released from custody after paying $161K in child support

Date:  03-09-2019
Category:  News

Embattled R&B star R. Kelly will be released from jail Saturday after paying $161,000 in back child support he owes his ex-wife, according to the Cook County Sheriff's Office. 

Cook County sheriff's spokeswoman Sophia Ansari says someone paid the back child support for him. She did not know who made the payment.

The 52-year-old recording artist has been in custody since Wednesday after failing to come up with the money during a child-support hearing.

Kelly went to the hearing “expecting to leave. He didn’t come here to go to jail,” said his publicist, Darryll Johnson, who said Kelly was prepared to pay $50,000 to $60,000. He said Kelly did not have the whole amount because he has not been able to work.

“He wasn't expecting what happened yesterday to happen, so he's really upset about that. He was expecting to walk in and walk out and that just didn't happen,” Johnson said Thursday.

Kelly no doubt hoped the raw interview aired Wednesday on “CBS This Morning” would help sway public opinion about the charges filed last month that accuse him of sexually abusing three girls and a woman. The interview was his first public defense since being charged and the first time he addressed allegations in the Lifetime series “Surviving R. Kelly,” which aired in January. The documentary alleged that he held women captive and ran a “sex cult.”

But experts said his appearance was also risky and could backfire if it gives prosecutors more information to use against him at trial. That’s why most defense attorneys urge clients to keep quiet.

“In my history as a prosecutor, I loved it when a defendant would say things or make comments about his or her defense,” said Illinois Appellate Judge Joseph Birkett, who said he did not watch the Kelly interview and was speaking only as a former prosecutor. “I would document every word they said ... (and) I could give you example after example where their statements backfired.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.