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Basketball in Chicago

Date:  04-16-2018
Category:  Sport

As we all know, people from Chicago love sport and everything that’s connected to it. And basketball is a really popular sport among locals. They not just go to the court to watch the spectacular games, but also go to the gym and play it themselves. Today, we are going to tell you about basketball and the best things about it.


Basketball was invented in 1891 in the USA, by a physics professor, at Massachusetts University. It gained popularity throughout the years. In the beginning, it was played in schools and colleges, as a Physical Education class, then there started small local leagues. And after that, in 1946, was created a big league, which gathered lots of local teams together, and it was called NBA – National Basketball League. It includes 30 teams, they play 82 games per season. It is a very spectacular and exciting activity for people. It is one of the most popular sports that Americans watch on TV. And basketball is the second most popular sports in the USA after football. 

When foreigners think or see the word “Chicago” they immediately think about a lot of things, but first is Chicago Bulls. It’s a very popular trademark in all over the world, but it is also a really popular basketball team. Let’s not forget where it all came from. It was founded in 1966. It is one of the strongest and most famous teams in all the NBA. A lot of NBA stars are from Chicago Bulls. In 8 years they won 6 cups, and it’s the best results in the league. Their home stadium is United Centre. The mascot of Chicago Bulls is Bull Benny. His number is 1. He was created in 1969. He is one of the most popular mascots in sports history. He is also the most recognizable. The players are also great there. The most popular one is Michael Jordan. He was a historical player. His number was 23. During his career, he helped to win hundreds of games for Bulls. There were ups and down for the team during the long history of their existence. But their fans never turned their backs on them. They are always the best for their true fans. And the Bulls never gave them up and never disappointed their fans – they always were doing their best. And that is why they are one of the best teams in the history of NBA.


Except for the Chicago Bulls, there are a lot of different teams in the city. There are lots of small clubs where children and adults are playing. Every school in the city has a basketball team which is good and unique. There is a school league also.

Sometimes, in those teams, you can find a future basketball star. Also, there are a college and university leagues where students from different cities play. Sometimes, there are also some future stars appears. And that’s how everybody can start a great career. If you work hard and you are really talented, they will find you. Also, there are lots of sports clubs for children and adults where trainers can teach you how to play it well. A lot of workers go after work to play basketball to relax and take the stress away. And there is a small league even for workers of different companies. Even a lot of children play after school in the schoolyards or close to their home. It’s a nice way for children to spend time after school.

Basketball is a great game for every age. It is a great game to play for children to spend free time, for adults to reduce stress and get in a good shape. Also, it is great a teambuilding activity for the companies. In addition, it is very interesting to watch. The best experience is, of course, to watch it on a stadium. To watch it live and feel all the intensity and emotions there is priceless. But it’s also very interesting to watch in on TV. People gather together with family and friends to watch the game of their favorite team. Enjoy the next game of your favorite team! Go Bulls!